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Doctorate Degree In Cyber Security

Doctorate Degree In Cyber Security

Doctorate Degree In Cyber Security, colleges today offer online Ph.D. in Security or Homeland Security degrees for college students who want to work for the government department but don’t want to study at a college far from home. These programs also are great for college students who live far enough from a campus that it doesn’t make financial sense to visit that campus each week. Colleges across the country now offer degree programs for those that want to seek a career or work for the Department of Homeland Security or in cybersecurity roles.

The Department of Homeland Security also referred to as DHS, is one of the most important cabinets and departments within the country today. It has a budget that lets it spend over $40 billion a year. DHS is accountable for preparing the government for natural disasters and other emergency situations, but it also handles potential threats and deals with cybersecurity concerns. Many of the professionals working for the federal government have a doctoral degree or equivalents.

What Are The Top Security Or Homeland Security Disciplines?
Doctorate Degree In Cyber Security, online Homeland Security Ph.D. programs offer courses in several disciplines because DHS does numerous various things. Those disciplines include cybersecurity, disaster preparedness, and response and security intelligence. Security intelligence isn’t similar to cybersecurity, though the two fields are similar. Cybersecurity looks specifically at the potential cyber threats found.

Those working in this field search the net and listen to network chatter as to how to stay updated with those threats. Security intelligence professionals search for signs of other threats. They could listen to radio broadcasts, meet with agents working undercover within the field, and analyze documents. Homeland Security is in charge of the Coast Guard and other government agencies and departments that require educated workers too.

How Much Can Security Or Homeland Security Ph.D. Holders Make?

Doctorate Degree In Cyber Security, the average salary of those with a Security or Homeland Security Ph.D. varies across industries, but those that earn an online Ph.D. in security or Homeland Security will find that they will make almost the same amount once they graduate. Those working within the private sector earn an average salary of over $100,000 a year.

They regularly work for protection contractors and different businesses that supply offerings to the federal government. This kind of degree can qualify an individual to work as a researcher for a political organization or an Individual, group(s), Cooperate bodies. Researchers generally make around $100,000 a year after gaining more experience within the field. Homeland Security degree holders may also work as college professors and earn an average salary of over $70,000 a year.

Top Universities To Study For A Ph.D. In Security Courses

  1. University of Colorado Colorado Springs
    Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Online Ph.D. in Engineering Concentration in Cyber Security
    Tuition: $8,042/year
    One of the more unique degree programs for those that want to work for the government is the engineering program that the University of Colorado Colorado Springs offers, which features a concentration in security that focuses majorly on cybersecurity, known as the National Center of Academic Excellence, this program has been approved by both the DHS and NSA. Many graduates gain certification while in school and attend work right at a federal agency after they graduate. This program features a variety of courses relating to cybercrimes and other issues, including advanced system security design, advanced topics in web security and privacy, computer architecture, and fundamentals of computer and network security.
  2.  University of Southern Mississippi
    Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    Online Ph.D. in Criminal Justice with Concentration in Homeland Security
    Tuition: $7,659/year
    The School of Criminal Justice at the University of Southern Mississippi offers a criminal justice doctoral program with a specialization in Homeland Security. Students will have to complete a minimum of 54 credits of study after the graduate level and will have to take a minimum of 30 credits of study at or above the 600 level. The program features a comprehensive exam and also a dissertation. Students must defend their dissertations too. This program also features four seminars on civil liberties and criminal law, criminal justice policy, policing, and corrections. Other required courses specialize in research methods and theories of criminal law.
  3. Jacksonville State University
    Jacksonville, Alabama

    Online Doctoral Degree in Emergency Management
    Tuition: $7,500/year
    Jacksonville State University gives a Doctoral Degree in Emergency Management thru its School of Emergency Management. This program may be a solid option for college students who want to work for the DHS in emergency management and preparation roles. Those professionals help identify yet-to-happen problems and provide lasting solutions before an emergency occurrence occurs. Students take one seminar every year and courses that include systems thinking and applications in emergency management, hazards risk management and community resilience, emergency management program management, and disaster management principles and practice. JSU also offers a directed study class that provides students the prospect to study a course like Homeland Security management while under the supervision of a professor working for the department.
    4. University of Nebraska – Omaha
    Omaha, Nebraska

    Online Criminal Justice Ph.D. Concentration in Homeland Security
    Tuition: $7,204/year
    getting a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the University of Nebraska – Omaha requires that students complete three different tasks. They need to take all the specified courses within the program, pass a qualifying exam, and do a dissertation. Students typically begin to work on the dissertation within the second year of the program and after passing the qualifying exam. The dissertation requires a superior degree of each lookup and writing.

In addition to concentration classes, the program features courses like a survey of criminal justice, criminal court system, applied statistics, and data processing within the public sector and women, crime, and justice. At right around $7,200 a year, this program ranks one of the most affordable online doctorate degrees we found.

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