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Scholarship Grant at Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary

Scholarship Grant at Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary.

Scholarship Grant at Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary. This undergraduate scholarship Grant is open to less privilege to support them in their academic pursuits.  The program is open for applicants who wish to undertake a graduate degree program in Myanmar. This undergraduate scholarship is sponsor by Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary.

Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary always looking for ways to help less privileged but excellent students who have no other means of financial assistance for their educational expenses by sponsoring them and also seeking another form of sponsors for them. This scholarship only covers a portion of the expenses of their studies.

The College has appointed the Student Scholarship Committee to oversee this program of interest on the campus. The following guidelines will be used by the committee in the selection and service of scholarship grants.

Scholarship Grant at Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary

UNIVERSITY/ORGANIZATION: Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary


Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary is a personal Christian university placed in Mosokwin Road, Myaungmya, about 137 miles west of Yangon, the Yangon International Airport of Myanmar. The fifty-six-acre property and the web site of the campus grant conducive surroundings to mastering and mediation. It is the sole tertiary training group serving Myanmar Union Mission. It is a section of the Seventh-day Adventist training system, the world’s 2nd greatest Christian college system.

Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary is positioned on Mosokwin Road, Myaung Mya, Ayarwaddy Region, and 137 miles from Yangon. The College sits on the fifty-six-acre property with paddy fields and gardening areas. It is located on the route of the Yangon-Pathein waterway. It is accepted university by using Adventist Accrediting Association, Maryland, USA and is the sole university of Myanmar Union Mission


SCHOLARSHIP LEVEL: undergraduate

VALUE: study expenses

DEADLINE: Still Open




  • The guarantee must be taken that a recipient has an academic load of at least 15 units.
  • The recipient must not have any failing, dropped or incomplete grades in the previous semester attended.
  • A recipient must have a satisfactory labor record.
  • If a recipient is under disciplinary action, the scholarship grant shall be terminated and henceforth denied any form of a grant.
  • A recipient must demonstrate an exemplary lifestyle and commitment to Christian standards.



Scholarship Details


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